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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A smile on a grandson's face is worth it's weight in gold!

Happy Birthday Ben!!! Your wish is my command!!!

Hi, it's been awhile since I've been on my blog...the last time I was putting my new work station together. Well, it's all done and love on to other projects....This is my grandson Ben, with his new quilt. A few weeks ago he came to me and was telling me he had seen the 'coolest' quilt made with teeshirts. He wanted to know if I could make one for him. I had see a teeshirt quilt when we lived in Iowa. I thought it was really 'neat' (can you tell the age difference? cool vs neat) anyway, I said 'sure I can do it'. See I've alway believed and have a motto: 'there is nothing I can't do' somethings better than others...I'm alway willing to try, this shouldn't be too he gathered his teeshirts and I started cutting them up, getting them ready for the quilt. I went to Joann fabric (had to come back home for the coupon) and found the cutes material for the front of the quilt. It is black with little blue stars....of course our Joanns didn't have enough material so the sales girl called other stores and found 6 yards in Montana. I asked them to send it to our store....(I had to pay for the shipping which ate up most of my coupon savings) anyway, a week later I got the material..(not a full 6 yards of course)..after looking at the material I decided that it was too busy to be both front and back so I made a change and did the back in black. I really like the change. I started with the teeshirts that Ben decided he wanted for his quilt. Logos and saying were on both sides of some of the shirts, and even on some of the sleeves. I used them all. I ended up with 25 different shapes and sizes. Bulit them up to the size of 15"x 15" square after sewn together. I always lay my quilts out on the floor so I can see what they will look like...the top was sewn together.. I like to had stitch the edging. I use a blind stitch, I just like the look. I tied it in black. This quilt is 6'x6' (Ben is, I think 6'4")
Footnote:Ben's friend, Colin, had seen the quilt on Facebook and now he wants me to make him a quilt too...and yes, I'm going to...he's getting all his teeshirts together and over to me...Both these boys will be off to college in a month...It's the least I can do...they're great guys!!!