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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Table Decoration

Thanks to those who participated in helping me choose which center piece to put on my dining table for Easter. Have to say we are all in agreement...with picture #2. no candles this year!!!! Okay, so I have to confess...I did add a couple of rabbits to the center piece too...I was at Michaels and darn it they had the cutest rabbits...about 8" tall...a little boy and a little girl they are also in my decoration....Thanks again everyone...See you next time!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandma's Easter Eggs

You don't dare eat these eggs!!

Something from the 70's now being used in 2010.

These are special ceramic eggs made in the 70's. What makes them so special is they have no hole in the bottom of them. They really look like a hard boiled egg and are ready to be painted.

Went to my cricut and cut out all my kids, grandkids and new gr-granddaughter (just born on the 18th) names for each of the eggs. Oh yeah, I also put grandma and grandpa in the mix, along with one egg that says "Happy Easter".

I have a total of 20 names and 1 Happy Easter. I also left a few painted eggs blank to add to my arrangement.

Couldn't decide which arrangement I liked the best. So I added both my arrangements to my blog. Needing some help here. Leave a comment and let me know what you think..

I now have updated my eggs...and still have a few more eggs I can add as my gr-grandkids are just starting. How fun!! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

They're done!!

Here's the 2 jean quilts all I wonder
what other project I can work on...Feels good to
have them done!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the air I have proof of it

Though spring in not officially here until this coming weekend...My daffodils don't agree....I love seeing my flowers come to life...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Worn Out Jeans equal Jean Quilts

Warn out jeans make beautiful quilts....a few years back my daughter had a vision, little did I know how much time I would be involved as a participant in her vision. She had all these worn out jeans and she wanted me to make some jean quilts for her boys. Never having made a jean quilt before it took me some time to figure out just what she wanted. Now I had some other grandchildren that saw these quilts and of course they wanted them too, and of course everyone was so nice to provided me with plenty of jeans to use to make these quilts. So now I've done 4 jean quilts. I was able to take a breather but not for long, 2 more little bundles came along, and the kids still worn out their jeans and they started to pile up again. Time to make a couple more quilts.

I wised up this time...and I made 8x8 inch squares I cut 312 squares for 2 quilts....these squares were not all 8x8 I mixed and matched and ended up with 8x8. I did have some squares left over....if you can
believe it. The quilts roughly 60x85.

Jeans....Jeans....everywhere JEANS....

Jordan's jean quilt top and Cameron's jean quilt top
These are the last 2 jean quilt tops I just finished. Within the next few weeks I'll get the backs on and get them tied. They'll be ready so the next time I see my grandchildren they'll have their jean quilts too. Now this family is complete with all their quilts....and I will now start with another family.
It's their turn...
These are the first 2 quilts I made. Nate, Colby and their family were vacationing and we got to their house before they got home so I made up their beds to surprise them. I learned a lot since I started the first jean quilt. One of my grandson's (Tom) calls his quilt his 'pocket' quilt, and he's a cousin to Nate and Colby. I tell you this because he also has a bunk bed and wants me to make him another jean quilt for his top they match. Well, it won't be long until his bunk beds will be gone. So he'll just have the one quilt. My sewing room is now cleared out of worn out jeans as is my cutting table. So now you ask me was I able to fill my daughter's vision of jean quilts? I say go to her blog, and let her tell you her side of the jean quilt story.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

Well, you can see I have a real sweet tooth....dang
these cinnamon rolls were good....I ate one, hubby at one, and the rest were sent over to the grandkids...
they were happy campers...they love grandma's treats...pays to live close to grandma

Peanutbutter/Chocolate chip cookies

Ok, here's the plan....I have a hubby that loves cholocate chip cookies....and I love peanut butter cookies...and they have to be sugar free...or as best they can I combined chocolate chips with my peanut butter cookies and replaced the sugar with splenda...and Whalla, I have the best cookies ever!! Tastes like Reeses peanut butter cups...

This quilt was pre-printed material. First quilt I
ever completed by hand. It was a learning experience. Will I try it again, guess
you'll have to watch and see....Probably so!!

Cathedral Window

What a good time to have a broken foot....I was in
the middle of making this cathedral quilt for my daughter and had a lot of hand work to do on it...and
since I was sitting around what the heck might as well work on her quilt. Most times the cathedral quilts are small squares. I did this on in 12x12 squares...and it was made for her king size bed.