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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Turning Twenty

Have to start at the very beginning and say "excuse the mess under my sewing table!" What I want you to look at are the colors I've picked for a new quilt top. My grandson, Zach, got married on the 9th of February to a very sweet girl, Lizzy. I've decided that as each of my grandkids get married I'll make a quilt for them. So saying this, I have now started on Zach and Lizzy's quilt. These are the colors I've chosen for their quilt. (Just a note: The title of the book I got my pattern from is called 'Turning Twenty' that's why the title of this post is Turning Twenty!!)
I layed all the colors on my queen bed and it was kind of funny cause each time I showed one of my friends, they would move one of my squares around...then I'd take a picture and send it to my daughter, Margo, and she also made her change. So 2 friends and 1 daughter later this is the layout we came up with...

This quilt is using fat qarters, and takes 20 squares. Each square measures to be 16x16". 4 squares across the top and 5 squares down, then a 3 inch border and then another 1 inch border and last is a 6 inch border. This quilt measures 90x102. (queen size).

Oh I have to share my new littl maching I just bought and boy, is it fun to operate!!! It's by Simplicity. It's called the 'Rotary Cutting Machine'. It can be used for scrapbooking, quilting, rug hooking, and more!!! It's suitable for cutting paper, felt, oilcloth, fleece, cotton, lightweight, wools and more!! the adjustable guide will cut strips from 3/8" to 2 3/4". The blades cut by pressure, not by sharpness and it has 2 blades; straight and a pinking blade. I bought it at Joann Fabric when it was on sale for half price..I believe the full price is $89.99. Anyway, I've done my commerical!! love, love, love, this little machine.(just call me Teresa) It is so easy to operate...

I'm sorry to say I had no other place to lay this quilt top out but on my living room floor...and it doesn't do it justice. Okay, so ends the first part of this post...I now need to finish putting it together and then I'll be quilting a design in each of the squares (all 20 of the squares)...So I'll come back later with more pictures...stay tuned and keep checking. Til then, I've rested long enough...back to work!!!