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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Finished Quilt

Can you guess what I was able to put into this 12x12x6" priority Mail box? Love these boxes!! Can you say queen size quilt!! Yep, you got it right!! A Queen size quilt!!! Pretty good huh?? These are my new 2 best friends! Let me introduce them to you...Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine and a Simplicity Bias Tape, love, love these little machines...They too, could be yours..just hurry down to Jo-Ann Fabric between April 3 and 23. They are on sale!! (Just a note, the Rotary Cutting Machine can also be used with scrap booking! Sweet!! Another plus as to why to buy it. Never have too many tools)

In my last post I shared with you the Rotary Cutting Machine so this post I will explain the Bias Tape Maker.

This is what the machine looks like when you first open it...comes in a nice little case...packs away easily...

My bias tape is ready to go into the machine and be folder...that's what the Bias tape machine presses the fabric in half...ready for you to sew to your quilt or place mat or what every you're making that needs the bias tape. Mine will be on the quilt I'm making..

Here's the first picture of my finished quilt...I really need to learn how to display my projects..these pictures really don't do it justice...(not to brag...just fact!!! If I do say so myself)

Okay, so I moved into the dining room and tried there...not so sure it is any better! however, you can see the squares better. this quilt is called 'turning twenty' using 'fat quarters pre-cut fabric' love, love, love the fat makes the quilt go together so quickly...Back to my quilt, I quilted a flower in square. I used crochet thread #10 rather than quilting thread.

Here I am holding my finished project...Zach and Lizzy's wedding gift! (I'm only 2 months late with it) sorry not real good lighting...or maybe too much light!! Anyway this was a fun project and I see in the next ad from Jo-Ann Fabric they have some fun color fabric that I'm going to have to go buy so I can make more of these quilts....I figure if I keep working on the tops and getting them together...then when the next grandchild gets married I'll be ahead of the game...going to have to do some spring cleaning and make room for my quilts...I'm hooked on making was so much fun...and like I said before I love, love, love the fat quarter fabric!!! Guess now it's time to make my list and check it twice for projects I've not completed and get myself busy and add a new word to my vocabulary. Can you guess what the word is??? 'COMPLETION' (of projects). So until I find the time to get back to you...have fun and I'll be as busy as a bee, working hard to complete these outstanding projects so I can make room for my quilts!!! TaTa!!until we meet again!!