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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Bedroom Done

The seasons have changed, fall is in the air, all the vegetables are off their vines and canned or frozen and winter is not far off! the frost is on the pumpkins. My projects are put on hold for a little while. I had to have foot surgery and yes, my foot surgery has laid up for a few weeks, can't be on my foot at all. So I sit in my chair in the living room and think of all the projects I still want to do. I still have my master bedroom to tackle, I would have liked to have it done before our daughter, Margo and her family come for Thanksgiving. But, I know that project is going to have to wait for another season, like spring! No one is going to be allowed in that room until I get it done. Anyway, so much for being laid up and back to one of my last projects before my surgery....Another bedroom I did get finished...Here goes...take a tour with me and let me know that you think. I visited Hobby Lobby with a friend, a brand new Hobby Lobby no, love, love it!!!!anyway I found this really cute lamp, which I knew I had to have!! (the start of re-creating my bedroom)

My pretty lamp!!
Next I found this sign...(of course still Hobby Lobby)don't know why I like this sign so much, but I had just the spot for it, above the mirror on one of the walls!

See what I mean! just the perfect spot for the sign!! looking at this picture I think I need to get some kind of dresser or something better to go under the mirror...I have my cedar chest under it now! any suggestions?

Next I took a bunch of old frames I had, all different shapes and sizes (my daughters' idea) painted them and hung them over the bed!! I really like the look!

So now this bedroom is all cleaned up the trim is all pretty and white! and the room is pale yellow! very refreshing and welcoming! I love this room!

Now that I'm laid up I'm going to go through all my favorite recipes and put them on my computer and clean up my recipes really really needs it!!!!