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Monday, June 28, 2010

Clutter sneaks in

How and when does clutter sneak into a room?? I asked myself that question when I cleared out my "work area" where I am serving a service mission with the LDS church in Somehow, my scrapbooking supplies, got into my small area of 59"x30". WOW! what a mess! I just don't understand how scrapbooking supplies and machines can take over!!! (yeah right) So here's what happened, I needed a new went and bought one..must say it's so much, love, love it...and it will hold 497,000 pictures, yes, you read that correctly 497,000 (according to the manual) and of course this new computer needed a new home bigger than 59"X30" desk...Out we went to get some computer tables! Yes, more than one...
this room is my show case for my mess! Room 1 this is my craft area that is now a catch all. Notice in the back is my cutting table for my fabric. now this room is just holding part of the stuff from my little mission work area (59"x 30")keep going there's more!!
Same room different angle!! Just wanted to make sure you understand my clutter!! all I can say is WOW I have a lot of stuff!!

this is my sewing room (I can get to my sewing machine if need be and my ironing board)...right now the overflow of still more craft stuff....I'm not going to bore you with all I went through cause I also had to clear out part of my family room to redo my missionary work area!! So in fairness some of the stuff in these 2 rooms are part of the family room stuff not just scrapbooking.

Put my man to was a rainy day and he had nothing better to do than to hold the he was happy to help me...this is the corner unit which will hold my monitor and key board for my new computer... where did he go?? don't know what happened to the other picture it was of Paul working hard...anyway the desk is put together...
we're ready to set the desk up in the corner of the room...

How does that look?? I like it!!

Next came the other computer desk...we bought 2 of for each side of the corner desk. I have so many machines and I really really need the room...looking good!!

So what do you think?? The room (corner) is finished...have my machines all set up and working to my surprise I didn't need help to set up my computer, thank you very much!!! Which has not been the case in the all I need to do is go through all the clutter in the other 2 rooms and get rid of a bunch of stuff, We set up my old desk in the craft area..which means I can take my other craft table down and have a very nice working area for my 'scrapbooking' I just need to remember it's for 'scrapbooking' and my desk is for my 'missionary work' and computer work....(note I do have my cricut in my missionary work area...that's because I have Sure Cuts A lot and I need to hook it up to my computer now and then when working on a project...check out all my room!!! Looking at my other 2 areas I have managed to clean them up a bit...lot is going to recycle...and who knows I may be having a garage sale and get rid of some of my's a thought!!!! I now have a 153"x 21" for my missionary work area! Love, Love, Love it!!!!
Footnote: I still need to fix the electrical cords under the desk.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to say goodbye

Well, Zach ended his R&R last Tuesday and headed back to Afghanstin...sure enjoyed having him home for a short I'm busy setting up my new computer and work area...well let me restate hubby is setting up my work area I move all my stuff out...I'll have enough room now to hook up most if not all my scrapbooking stuff like my cricut, scanner, printer, computer, phone and still have penty of work looking forward to it....then I'll go through all my stuff and thin things out...So until I find the time to get back on my blog...I'll have to say bye for now....I'll check out the other blogs just not time to update mine...take care all and have a good 4th of July....