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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome Home Soldier

Today let Freedom Ring!!!! Tomorrow we will be celebrating Memorial Day and will be honoring the veterans of past wars, those men and women that chose to give their service and their lives in some cases so that we here in this great country of the United States of America may enjoy this great gift called FREEDOM!!! This is our grandson, Zach, he just stepped off the plane in Dallas Texas and was welcomed and thanked by a group of people that visit the air port every time soldiers fly in just to thank them and welcome them home to their native country. I've shown his picture before in my blog after he had been injured from an IED in Afghanistan where he has been serving for the past 9 months. Now this is the happy part of the story coming up...Zach will be home today for some very needed R&R....we will be going over to the Spokane airport to greet him later this afternoon...
Zach's mom made a 'welcome home' sign when we went to meet him the first time he came home for a visit, that was after his training and before his deployment. Each time he comes home more is added to this sign. Last night the girls got together and with my very BFF in the world (my cricut expression and the Stand and Salute cartridge)we went to work. We cut, placed, laughed and visit and with excitement we added to the sign.Ah, the sign is completed. Now you're probably wondering what the 'Batman Logo' is doing on this
sign. Well, it's another of Zach's stories...while in Afghanistan he was bitten by a bat and had to go through the series of shots which was very painful. Zach is now called 'Batman' by friends, and family.
So now you know the rest of the story! Zachary/Batman will be home today to open arms of welcome. Welcome home Zach, you are our Shining Star!Tomorrow Zach will be honored along with other veterans who have served and given their lives for freedom. He along with his father, Erik and his grandfather, Paul will have a their names places in honor in front of our city hall to be remembered in the present and in future generations.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My new guest room

Step 3: If you've been following my blog the last entry...I'm remodeling my guess bedroom, this is quite the undertaking for me. I ponder and ponder and stress out about change. I want it but was afraid to change it! So here's what I've done!

This ugly shelf was placed on the wall by the previous owners of the house...they had this room as their computer room...using this desk top for their computer. Needless to say I did not like the look and wanted it removed off the wall. So after 6 years and much begging and pleading....

My hubby ever so carefully pulled the shelf/desk off the wall, trying not to damage the wall..(and I must say he did a very good job) now for the clean up (that's where I come in) I sanded the wall and then painted primed it and painted it..Then I sprayed texture on the wall and repainted it...

Wha-la my wall looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself...

Found this little treasure at Ross's Department Store...I like the black but have to change the red inside, not my cup of tea...don't know just yet what vision I have for the inside... So I'm still thinking and while I'm doing that I'm moving on to my next project for my room, the lamp. Now I've had this lamp for probably 10 years or so and I'm really tired of its plainness.Talking to my daughter she suggested I find some ribbon to go on the lamp off to Joann's I went and found this pretty (what I call dusty sage green) fringe, it's so pretty. I got my glue gun out and glued the fringe around the top and the bottom. Oh, I really like the look...

Here's the lamp completed, the little dish I found at the dollar store (with the stand) it says 'Faith, Family, Friends' really cute and just the right color. The table had a brown top (good sale at Ross's department store) and I painted it the 'dust sage green' I took the pillow into Home Depot and had them match the color to the pillow...and it's a perfect match!

Now this is what the bed looked like when I first started this project....The wood was more red than brown. so apart came the bed and out to the garage with it...Still struggled with painting it white!

Referring back to my other blog you read how I was really stressed out because I was afraid to paint this bed white. But look at it now, I love, love, love the white head board!

My finished project.

For some people they say why bother to make the change no one is going to see this room...but for me I love to walk passed the door way and look in and see something so pretty. It puts a smile on my face and a welcome to anyone that comes to visit me and chooses to use this room as my guest. Now I just have a couple more walls to finish...but even if I don't get to them they're okay, they go well in the room as it is now. Project is 95% completed! I love, love, love the changes...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest bedroom in the making

STEP 2: Bed is done...all painted and made for the accessories....
STEP 1: Well, guys....I bit the project...this bed frame I've been wanting to paint for a long time and I'm finally getting to it....back and forth and forth and back...from leaving the wood the color it is now and just changing the changing the wood to white...I stayed up all night stressing out as to whether I should paint it at all...and I know I shouldn't let something like this get me down...but I was just having a really hard time deciding if I should go white...well, I finally said the heck with it....and started painting it...WHITE! of far so good...I've taken a few pictures but my camera is upstairs I'll have to put them on later...I really want to wait until it's all done...and hopefully that will be in the next few days...another step closer to getting my guest room done....what a project...and tonight I plan on sleeping through the night....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Digital Scrapbook Pages

Let me take the time to introduce you to our new gr-granddaughter, this is Emmeline Louise Bray. She is a little doll! Now I could really brag about her but I think the picture of her says it all. Last Sunday we were in Florida for her blessing, what a joy and a honor to be there along with the rest of her family. The blessing dress Emmeline has on was made from my wedding dress. Emmeline's mom and aunts were also blessed in it.

This is the grandpa and the gr-grandpa, both very proud of the new addition to the family.

This is our 4 generation picture.
This is the family and extended family of Emmeline. She's very lucky to come to this family.

Again another 4 generation memories.

The full extended family....both grandmas, grandpa, gr-grandparents, aunts and uncle and of course
mom, dad and Emmeline.
Don't want to forget the aunts (Miranda and Joli) taking turns holding Emmeline and Mom (Anyse)
and then David the uncle. He was so cute holding Emmeline.
Proud grandma (Becky) and gr-grandma (ME). It was such a treasured time we spend there with
Anyse, Damon and Emmeline.