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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What the heck, where has the time gone!!

I can't believe we are already into the second half of the second month of 2011!! And even more surprising I've only posted one time in January!! What the heck!! I know I've been working on projects..but I just forget to take pictures...and sit down and get them onto my blog...soooo here's what I've done so far in 2011...(keep in mind, these are just the projects I remembered to take pictures of)...These pictures are in no special order...point being, I just stuck them in so you can see a little about my life. Two of these projects have been things I've never done before!! so lets get moving and do my show and tell!! #1 This is my first Apple Tart I've ever made and I used my home canned apple pie filling (first time to have ever canned apple for pie filling) Boy, all I can say is they were/are sure good...After serving this tart to my friends I have had a couple of requests to make it guess you could say it was a hit....

#2 Double weddng ring quilt...First time to make a quilt and use my sewing maching to quilt if you look closely you will see I have crochet thread..well, here's the story behind that...I was going to quilt by hand and use the crochet thread it's a little heavier thread..however, my hand freezes up making it hard to work the needle as I'm quilting making my stitches I decided it was taking too long and I took out all my stitching (call that reverse sewing) and went to my sewing maching...Now I'm working hard to keep the circles looking like circles as I sew this quilt...

It's a challenge to sew...but it's coming along...I'll keep this quilt for myself as I have too many 'mistakes' (I'm naming it 'MY Pucker Quilt') It's good practice for me...but (and there is always a 'BUT') maybe I shouldn't have taken on a queen size quilt for my first machine quilt project....will I ever's good to practice on something smaller to get the experience first...Next time it will be better!!!

"My Van" Now this isn't my first...but just thought I'd show you how my 2011 started out...January 3, we had some icy roads and we were on the way to the doctors and stopped at a stop sign..the guy behind us forgot that he needed to apply his brakes long before he stopped when there are icy roads...Our van ended with a owie!!! I was surprised as to the amount of damage our van ended up with. They had to replace our complete tailgate door and bumper...what looks like a little owie...was expenive!!! no cost to us however, and no one was hurt...the young man felt so bad..and just kept thanking us for not yelling at him...Kindness goes
a long ways!!!

Okay, you have now been brought up to date with the happenings in the last 45 days of my life.. I sure hope to do better in the future...and keep up to date with my postings. take care and check back in maybe a week or so, I'll have more to post...I will try to do better..I promise!!!
I love themes, so my new theme for 2011 ~ 'A project is just a project until it's completed'