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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome Home Soldier

Today let Freedom Ring!!!! Tomorrow we will be celebrating Memorial Day and will be honoring the veterans of past wars, those men and women that chose to give their service and their lives in some cases so that we here in this great country of the United States of America may enjoy this great gift called FREEDOM!!! This is our grandson, Zach, he just stepped off the plane in Dallas Texas and was welcomed and thanked by a group of people that visit the air port every time soldiers fly in just to thank them and welcome them home to their native country. I've shown his picture before in my blog after he had been injured from an IED in Afghanistan where he has been serving for the past 9 months. Now this is the happy part of the story coming up...Zach will be home today for some very needed R&R....we will be going over to the Spokane airport to greet him later this afternoon...
Zach's mom made a 'welcome home' sign when we went to meet him the first time he came home for a visit, that was after his training and before his deployment. Each time he comes home more is added to this sign. Last night the girls got together and with my very BFF in the world (my cricut expression and the Stand and Salute cartridge)we went to work. We cut, placed, laughed and visit and with excitement we added to the sign.Ah, the sign is completed. Now you're probably wondering what the 'Batman Logo' is doing on this
sign. Well, it's another of Zach's stories...while in Afghanistan he was bitten by a bat and had to go through the series of shots which was very painful. Zach is now called 'Batman' by friends, and family.
So now you know the rest of the story! Zachary/Batman will be home today to open arms of welcome. Welcome home Zach, you are our Shining Star!Tomorrow Zach will be honored along with other veterans who have served and given their lives for freedom. He along with his father, Erik and his grandfather, Paul will have a their names places in honor in front of our city hall to be remembered in the present and in future generations.


  1. Welcome Home Zach!!! I love you!! I am so proud to have you as a nephew!! You Rock!!!!!!

    Thanks mom for posting this for me since I could not make it there this weekend.. You know I would have done anything to be there. I love you all... :O) And am with you in spirit!! :O) Big hugs!!

  2. What an awesome post, thank you for sharing your story of your grandson and his amazing service to our country. I got a chuckle out of the batman reference:)

  3. Thank you for sharing about Zach! We so appreciate him and all the men and women who are and have been serving our country. Please let him know that there are millions who care and thank him for his service.

  4. God bless Zach! Bats? OMG! The IED was enough. I hope he is better soon.
    Joyce (Army mom)

  5. How Awesome! Thanks for making the World a Better Place, Zach! You're a true Hero!

  6. Indeed, WELCOME HOME ZACH! This post makes me teary, my son in law is still in Iraq. Give your grandson a big hug. Thank you, Zach, for your service.

  7. Wow, welcome home Zach and THANK YOU for your service to God and country....You are my hero!
    Cindy Adkins

  8. THANK YOU ZACH for your service & to your family for their sacrifice of time & sanity while you were gone!!

  9. Oh, yay! I love homecomings! And a big thanks to Zach for his service. You must be very proud of him :)