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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest bedroom in the making

STEP 2: Bed is done...all painted and made for the accessories....
STEP 1: Well, guys....I bit the project...this bed frame I've been wanting to paint for a long time and I'm finally getting to it....back and forth and forth and back...from leaving the wood the color it is now and just changing the changing the wood to white...I stayed up all night stressing out as to whether I should paint it at all...and I know I shouldn't let something like this get me down...but I was just having a really hard time deciding if I should go white...well, I finally said the heck with it....and started painting it...WHITE! of far so good...I've taken a few pictures but my camera is upstairs I'll have to put them on later...I really want to wait until it's all done...and hopefully that will be in the next few days...another step closer to getting my guest room done....what a project...and tonight I plan on sleeping through the night....


  1. Ooo can't wait to see! I am currently redoing my guest room too!

  2. Great room! I love these colors! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  3. Oh I love what you did to the wall!!! I've got a couple of things I'd love to paint white, but I'm chicken to start. Love to see examples like this. :)

  4. Love the color combo in this room, it looks so inviting. Your white headboard looks pretty. The wall decor is very nice. With your design sense, you really can't go wrong, I think!

  5. Looks great - love, love the colors you chose!

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  6. Can't wait to see the whole room! I love those colors! Thanks so much for sharing this on Favorite Things Friday!

  7. Can't wait to see the whole room!!

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