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Saturday, February 27, 2010


This past November our grandson, Zachary, who is in the army and stationed in Afghanistan was in a bad explosion. He came out with a concussion, a hurt back, loss of hearing in his left ear and some memory loss. Some of his injuries have healed. His buddy Kevin wasn't as lucky, however, Kevin is healing from his injuries. Zachary was taken to the military hospital where the personnel had to remove his clothes to treat him. They cut them off. Needless to say Zach needed his backpack with his belongings. Thanks to Soldiers Angles ( they provided him with a backpack full of the necessary items, such as tooth brush, tooth paste, underwear, sweats, and a blanket called "Blanket of Hope". This blanket was made by someone here in America and sent to Soldiers Angels to put in a backpack. This was very touching to me. I wanted to know how I too could make these Blanket of Hope. I emailed soldiers angles and received an email back with all the

The blankets can be made in 2 different sizes 45" x 65" or 60" x 80" of fleece. I buy 2 1/3 yards of fleece. one print and one solid. I cut the corners 4" x 4" and then cut strips and tied each strip together. The back side of the blanket is the solid color. I tied the plaid over the solid color and then come back and tied the solid over the plaid thus putting the solid color on top.

I find the best way to work is on my floor. Far more room and makes it go fast. Put on some
music or a video (if you have your TV in the same room) and work away!

I find I have to change position and get on my knees to cut the strips. When I'm doing the
blanket by myself I like to cut a section of strips and tie them and then move on down the row
until each side is completed. It took me 1 hour and 2 potty breaks to make this blanket today.
Now I've had a little experience as I've made many of these blankets for family and friends. They
are a big hit and very popular.

These are my 5 completed 'Blankets of Hope' I need now to roll them up and put a ribbon around
each of them with a note. Then Monday I'll go to the Post Office to find out about mailing them
to Germany to the Soldiers Angels. This is an on going project. The Soldiers Angels have no blankets to add to the backpacks. They are so in need. If you can find the time and would like to make some
of these Blankets of Hope please send me your email address in the comment section and I'll be happy to forward all the information (guild lines) to you. Our soldiers are worth it and when it's a wounded soldier he/she needs to have something around them that is as warm as someone's arms, letting him/her know that we are proud of them and are praying for them!


  1. The blankets are wonderful....great job.

  2. Good job mom! I will be making another one this week. Love you! :O)

  3. I'd like to help!
    sharon -
    What a great project!

  4. yes, please, forward any information.

    Bless you! :)

  5. Lois, You are a very special lady for doing this! As the wife of a now retired Air Force Tech Sgt. I can tell that the members of the Armed Forces appreciate every little thing that they receive that is sent from Back Home. Whether its a letter, a cookie, or one of your beautiful blanklets. Please let us know who to contact in order to start this going on here at the School where I am employed.
    GOD BLESS you Lois and your family.

    Ninfa DePalma

  6. hi there. popped on over from blue cricket design. i think this organization is amazing and thank you for doing what you can do! i wanted to share maybe an easier way to tie the blankets it you're interested?

    the time saved doing it the easier way will leave more time to make more blankets to donate :) hope you're having a great day!

  7. I applaud you for doing this. I can't sew worth a bean but I bake. See my post today for baking for soldiers.

  8. Lois, your blankets look wonderful! What a great cause. I pray for your grandson's full recovery and appreciate his service!

    I'd love for you to come by and link up this week for Friday Favorites! This would be a great post to feature!

  9. Please send me the info on "Blankets of Hope". Thanks, Ann

  10. please send me instructions, thanks