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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Look

Phase 1: A New Year, A New Look!! Got all my Christmas decorations down. Now I've been looking at my blank walls/shelves........I decided I needed to recycle some of my decorations...So come take a walk with me as I show you the change I made on my Entry hall wall...This is where I started...I've always loved this picture I've had of Christ but I've never cared for the frame...I thought what a good time to change here's where I started....

The picture I had on my wall in my kitchen/dining area was of a pretty flower arrangement, and I really loved the frame, picture not so I spent the morning trying to get the picture out of the frame (and it was a task, I tell ya!!). This frame was much bigger and looked better on the entry least that was what I thought in my minds eye...Okay this is the new mat I placed over the old one...adding to the look....So far I like the look....continuing on.....
this is the finished product on my wall... What do you think?? The table I've always had in my entry...however, I changed what was on top of it...I think it looks much better and fresher...Love the picture on the wall...I think this frame is so much prettier...Now I have to rethink the kitchen/dining area wall and get rid of the floral arrangement that has been on that wall way too long!! that is still in progress..tomorrow I'll try and work on my living room shelves but I need to sit back and think about it...don't know just yet what the look is I want...but I'm sure I can once again recycle some of my decorations...I'm trying two new things this year...reminding myself to: 1. take pictures BEFORE I start my projects and 2. not spend money but instead recycle my decorations....So hang in there more pictures will be coming when phase 2 is completed.....I'll go right now and get some pictures of my living room and shelves while their empty... promise!!!! Til then...keep smiling and come back and visit anytime...


  1. You are so sweet, I just want to hug you, :)

    I also love to decorate and change things up, BUT without spending any money if at all possible. So I loved seeing this as one of your goals, I think its a really good one. The new frame looks so much better, and the location you choose is perfect.


    Bella :)

  2. Hi Lois,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I, like you, love to change things up too without spending money. Great job on the photo and frame!! Can't wait to see Phase 2!

  3. Very pretty! Love the photos and how all the colors look together!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!