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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Blankets

Our first great-granddaughter, 'Emmy' is going to be born in a couple of months....So I felt she should have some nice receiving blankets to keep her warm...3 receiving blankets are double sided and then I sewed around them using the hem stitch and then crochet the edges....Then I used my surger and decorative thread and surgered around the little pad again double sided.....

Next I crochet a nice white afghan, and with my loom I made a new born hat...she may
not need the hat down in Florida where it's nice and warm...and then again she just might!!!

Love the flat rate boxes the post office now have...however, prices have gone up....but still worth
it...Package is off to the home awaiting the arrival of 'Emmy'!

All was received...and another project done!!!

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