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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family: A journey into Eternity

My wall is complete now!

I sat across the room, looking at this wall feeling something was missing. I've now change it a couple of times. Still I've never felt I had the look I was really looking for. Change of sayings, and change of pictures...Still something was missing! Now that I have a new saying "Family" A journey into Eternity instead of " All because two people fall in love" looked a lot better...and this wall is my 'Family' should it not reflect my family. OK, so what's missing?? First I noticed I didn't have a picture of me and Paul. After all we started this eternal family. Second, I have no grand kids on this wall. I now know where I need to start.

I dug through my pictures (which lucky for me were all on the computer) I tried two different pictures and decided on one of our wedding pictures. Saying this, I still may go back and change it and put the first one back up (the first picture is in this picture). I added my saying "Family" A journey into Eternity above the mirror. Our picture to the left. I have our three kids and their spouses on their wedding day! But again something still missing! This year all three families had their family pictures taken. Yes, that's it~I need to put their family pictures on this wall! So back to my computer I found Becky's 2009 family picture that had been emailed to me~ so I printed it out! Next, I added the blank paper for two reasons. 1. to mark where I wanted the pictures to hang and 2. to show my other two kids I needed their family pictures too.

I called Margo and asked her to please email me her 2009 family picture. She swears she had already sent it. I couldn't find it on my computer, so she was kind enough to email it to me again, now I have two family pictures up on my wall....the picture I had of Erik's family was a vertical picture and I needed a horizon one. So I waited for Erik to get home from work and called him and asked for another 2009 family picture and asked him to send me a horizon family picture. Until I receive the picture I put stick figures on my wall! This could take awhile! I was on face book and noticed Erik was too~ I reminded him about my request for the picture and he immediately emailed the picture.

So today I completed my wall! I now sit across the room and smile as I see our wedding picture, the mirror, and our families! Yes, our 'Family' A journey into Eternity. I so love my wall!

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